Studioroom brings silicon valley experience to The Right coast

About Us

Studioroom is an independent, full-service web & communication design agency, specializing in the creation and execution of creative, memorable and effective internet strategies. Based in Maryland, Studioroom brings Silicon Valley experience into Washington, DC's back yard. Whether we’re launching websites or bringing brands to life online, Studioroom goes beyond traditional design process bringing over 15 years of high tech experience to bear on interactive media.

Studioroom was founded by Stephanie Sawchenko to enable industry giants and small companies with great ambitions to win valuable mindshare online.

Our design philosophy

Good design is more than visual, it’s a good experience. We create great interactive media by understanding the real world want's and desires of the people we are designing for. Our multidisciplinary approach goes beyond traditional design and technology, delivering work inspired by culture, nature, and everyday life. We take into account the context of people's reality to design media which is highly relevent to them by simplifying the complicated, and using technology to enhance and inform a person's experiences.

Stephanie Sawchenko

Over the course of her career, Stephanie has worked with a wide array of clients in a variety of industry sectors -- from large publicly traded technology companies, to scrappy social media start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Stephanie began her career at USWeb/CKS, a leading internet design agency where she oversaw internet strategy for Silicon Valley clients and consumer brands like AAA, Barbie, and VISX. Over the years, Stephanie has worked with technology start-up companies, and large internet brands like Sony, eBay and AOL. Stephanie's broad multidisciplinary experience has provided her with acuity for identifying the unique selling proposition of a product, brand, or organization and a facility for translating this into web experiences which are meaningful for end-user audiences.

The Experience Design Process

The Experience Design Process
We start every project by identifying the project's goals
Then we research the audience and competitors
to identify unique opportunities
We map out a plan, and tailor it with each client
to suit their individual needs
We put together all the components (language, images, and interactions) to create a coherent design system
We prototype our work to ensure important details are captured in an interactive format, and to make the hand-off between designer & engineer as smooth as possible
Testing tells us if we're successful in reaching our goals. Some projects require testing and iterative design phases
Success. Growth. New connections with more users. This is how we measure goals.